As a special part of Knowledge@Terra Classrooms, Field Reports have multiple forms from short videos, brief interviews and narrations, to help evidence collection and mutual understanding for all players that are related. Field reports can be from research, educational and leisure trips and encounters. They assist dissemination of research questions, debates and solutions from reports and documents to varied audiences in real environments and sectoral development.

To stimulate in-depth exchanges between different territories and solutions, Field Reports are categoried by themes.  



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Soil Erosion 土壤侵蚀  *  Adaptable Forestry Management 适应性森林管理  *  Sustainable Disaster-Resilient Modes 可持续减灾模式  * Changing Climate 变化的气候  *  Nature Systems 自然系统  *  Nutrient Circulation 营养成分循环  *  Wildfire Prevention 野火防范

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Agriculture & Rural Development  农业与农村发展  *  Biodiversity & Ecosystem services  生物多样性和生态系统服务  *  Climate Change  气候变化 *  Climate-Smart Agriculture 气候智慧农业  *  Site-Soil Remediation 场地土壤修复  


Soil Pollution Prevention Policy 土壤污染防治法 *  Sustainable Soil Management 可持续土壤管理 *  Site-Soil Remediation 场地土壤修复  *  Soil Testing 土壤测试  *  Urban renewal 城市更新  *  Rural Rehabitation 乡村振兴

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❑  Delta Agricultural Management  三角洲农业管理

Integrated Water Management  综合水资源管理  *  Climate-Smart Agriculture  气候智慧农业  *  Permaculture 朴门农业  *  Integrated Green Fertilizer Recipe 综合绿肥配方  *  Bio-Physical Protection  生物物理防护  *  Site-Soil Remediation 场地土壤修复