Soil is a much more complex growing habitat that remains productive only when it is cared for and nurtured. Combating and addressing soil pollution means assessing and minimizing the risks for food security, human health and the environment. Global activities need to be launched and implemented in order to reduce soil pollution and remediate polluted sites. Be the Solution, to Soil Pollution!



​-- 联合国粮农组织

Testing Knowledge@TerraClassrooms on Climate, Land, Soil and Water. 


"Knowledge@Terra Classrooms" tests the integration of climate, land, soil and water into theory and practice environmental education. The application will focus on young people, farmers and local policymakers. FAO, World Soil Day and policy, knowledge and research information will be studied. Natural-cultural heritage areas, sustainable soil management and green technology, soil pollution prevention and control, eco systems will be selected .

“地域知识课堂”在2018世界土壤日和以后的10个月里(04.12.2018 - 30.09.2019)计划测试融合气候、土地、土壤和水的理论和实践环境教育。本次运用主要针对青少年、农民和地方政策制定者,研究粮农组织、世界土壤日和许多政策、知识和研究资料,精选自然文化遗产地区、可持续土壤管理和绿色技术、土壤污染防治和生态环境系统等内容。

Since 2014, every 5th December is World Soil Day



Land, soil and water are essential resources of the planet earth. In the winter days around the World Soil Day, the lesser-known integral recognition of land, soil and water, environmental knowledge and technical solutions for food safety, agricultural practices and other key environmental issues are to be promoted. Guided by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO), World Soil Day 2018 focuses on “Be the Solution to Soil Pollution”


Testing Lessons planned on Monday-Wednesday 27-29.05.2019, Valencia/Gandia, Spain  


Content / Visual Design 内容/视觉设计:Natureherit DC 自然颖源 

Image & info reference 图片与信息参考:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

Knowledge_Terra 2705 Testing Is.jpg

A Virtual Knowledge Tour over Land-Soil Systems. [Starting stage: 04-16.12.2018]


Content / Visual Design 内容/视觉设计:Natureherit DC 自然颖源 

Image & info reference 图片与信息参考:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

No matter you are in cities or villages, here are Seven Simple Ways to Be the Solution for Soil Pollution for Anyone


Video resource 录像来源:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

World Soil Day & International  Year of Soils 世界土壤日和土壤年

In 2014, with support of Thailand and international soil scientists, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) organized the first World Soil Day on December 5th. 2015 became the International Year of Soils, focusing on the lesser-known environmental recognition of land and soil, their related knowledge and technical solutions.  

2014年,联合国粮农组织(UN FAO -- United Nations Food Agriculture Organisation)在泰国和国际土壤科学家的支持推动下,首次组织了世界土壤日。2015年被命名为世界土壤年,通过多个政府和机构的经济支持,聚焦少为人知的土地和土壤的环境认知和技术解决方案,

​Animation Lesson over soil functions and facing hazards


Materiials of 2015 nternational Year of Soils  国际土壤年材料:

Video resource 录像来源:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

​Let's talk about soil


This animated film tells the reality of soil resources around the world, covering the issues of degradation, urbanization, land grabbing and overexploitation; the film offers options to make the way we manage our soils more sustainable.

这部动画电影讲述了世界各地土壤资源的现实,包括退化,城市化,土地掠夺和过度开发等问题; 这部电影提供了一些选项,使我们管理土壤的方式更具可持续性。

Video resource 录像来源:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

​Soil Pollution, A Hidden Reality


While we can see many of the changes we have made to our planet, some of our impacts are virtually invisible, and soil pollution is a good example. 


Video resource 录像来源:UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织

Look forward to the next testing and open discussion!  


In the testing phase, with individuals and platforms from more locations, include governmental departments, 

sector associations, research institutions, enterprises, Natureherit demonstrated and disseminated land, soil, water and climate change awareness, learned educational materials of global activities of the World Soil Day.

A holistic and initial Testing Report is going to be published very soon.

Various and growing educational, research, practice and cultural organizations expressed interest and wide support for further development of "Knowledge@Terra Classrooms".



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