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Multi-Functional Forestry and Agroforestry (Valencia & Mediterranean Forests) 多重功效的森林和农林系统 (瓦伦西亚

Forestry research north of Valencia City. Source: NATUREHERIT

The world of forestry and agroforestry knows the oldest local and farming eco systems on earth. These Nature Systems offer multi-dimensional, -facet and -adaptable technical solutions to the survival of human societies.


In changing climate and complex situations, forestation and cultivation are finding new solutions in circulating nutrients and water in soils.

* Prof. Eduardo Rojas Briales, Faculty of Agronomy of UPV, Chairman of the Spanish Board of Foresters, who was Assistant Director General and Head of the Forestry Department at FAO, UN Commissioner General for World Expo Milan 2015.

Image source: Maphill maps (Satellite) |

Forestry of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain, is a complex phenomenon regarding challenges in the changing climate. The climate in Spain is getting hotter and dryer, with evident trending of soil erosion and land desertification. Also, forest wild fire occasions rose in recent years drastically, that inquire practical researches and actions in prevention attention and after-fire treatments.

To prevent fire cases, plantation barriers are widely used in Spain, with different density and species to stop incidental fire in natural ways. Plantation barriers are mostly orange and almonds orchards. In order to improve cultivation livelihood level of the plantation barrier, one of the options is to plant high-quality wine cultivation in mountain areas at 500 m height.


* 西班牙森林管理委员会主席,瓦伦西亚理工大学农业经济学院的爱德华·罗哈斯· 布理阿勒教授,曾任联合国粮农组织助理总干事兼林业部主任,及2015年米兰世界博览会的联合国总干事



While forest fires increased in Spanish forests, soil education is a major activity with a changing climate.

* Prof. Jorge Mataix-Solera, President of Spanish Society of Soil Science (SECS), Environmental Soil Science Group, Department of Agrochemistry and Environment, Miguel Hernández University (UMH)

Image source: Prof. Jorge Mataix-Solera presentation at Landcare, an Erasmus Program of the European Union)

As joint initiative of renowned Spanish scientists in 1947, Spanish Society of Soil Science (SECS), member of International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS), has now ca. 600 soil, forest and other scientist members that contribute to soil sciences. Besides a wide range of policy, practice and research exchanges, oil education is a major activity of SECS. While forest fires increased in Spanish forests, we developed a participatory education for middle school students to reestablish burned forest zones and prevent new fires. They get opportunities to protect bare soil with mulching, observe and record the soil status and manage the new trees regeneration. The territorial and inter-territorial perspective of Knowledge@Terra is useful in developing the educational materials, lessons and exchanges that reach young and old people, esp. teachers from different geographical locations.


* 西班牙土壤学会(SECS)主席米格尔·埃尔南德斯大学(UMH)农业化学与环境系土壤环境科学组的约尔格·马塔克斯·索莱拉教授


In the gradually changing climate of Mediterranean, adaptive forest management is used to evaluate increasing dryness, temperature and wildfire risks on forest health, differing vertical distribution of tree species such as oaks and pines.

* Prof. Antonio Del Campo head of the Re-ForeST group, Research Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (IIAMA), Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)

Image Source, NATUREHERIT, Cristina Lull

As joined efforts by the Re-Forest and soil science group, in a forestry research area north of Valencia City, forest health were recorded and evaluated through species recipe, plant growth, soil quality and forestry density in detail, for coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests aged about 50 years. Impact of climate change on the growing season and subsequent effects of soil water regime are carefully studied.

The research result shall explain sensitivity of forest threats and the Ecohydrological-Based Forestry Management Method, to give regional and national governmental forestry department and grower companies (farmers) technical solutions and policy advices. Impact of climate change on the growing season and subsequent effects of soil water regime are carefully studied.

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* 瓦伦西亚理工大学(UPV)水与环境工程研究所(IIAMA),Re-ForeST小组负责人安东尼奥·德尔坎布教授 在巴伦西亚市北部的森林研究区,Re-ForeST小组 与土壤科学小组一起,通过植种配方,生长情况,土壤质量和树林密度等数据检测,详细记录和评估了年龄约为50岁的针阔混合林的森林健康,研究气候变化对生长季节的影响以及土壤水分状况的后续影响。


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