❑  Anti-Desertification & Disaster Reduction Modes  反荒漠化和生态减灾模式


Agriculture & Rural Development  农业与农村发展  *  Biodiversity & Ecosystem services  生物多样性和生态系统服务  *  Climate Change  气候变化  *  Climate-Smart Agriculture 气候智慧农业  *  Site-Soil Remediation 场地土壤修复

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Over Forest Restoration and Sustainable Management in Mountainous Regions - The Lin'an Model (China)  关于山区森林恢复和可持续经营的临安模式(中国)

* Prof. Zhu Zhaohua, Prof. Jiang Chunqian, Research Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) 中国林业科学研究院竺肇华教授,姜春前研究员  

* Prof. Wang Anguo, previous Chief Engineer of Lin’an Forestry Bureau 前临安林业局总工程师王安国教授

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Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), 中国林业科学研究院


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Terraced Mountain Winemaking Sector and Sustainable Territorial Management 


* Bartolo Lercari and Lise Bertram, agricultural scientists, 

inhebiters of a terraced vineyard at Cinque Terre  | Bartolo 

Lercari 和 Lise Bertram 农业科学家,五渔村遗产梯台葡萄酒庄主

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In changing climate & complex situations, 

forestation and cultivation are finding new solutions in circulating nutrients and water in soils. 在变化的地理生态环境中,林业种植解决方案需要循环土壤养分和水分的新方案

* Prof. Eduardo Rojas Briales, Faculty of Agronomy of UPV, Chairman of the Spanish Board of Foresters  |  瓦伦西亚理工大学农业经济学院,西班牙森林管理委员会主席爱德华·罗哈斯· 布理阿勒教授

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