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❑  Integrated Water-Wetland Circulation Systems  综合湿地水体循环系统

Integrated Water Management  综合水资源管理  *  Water division project management on catchment and sub-catchment Level  流域和小流域引水工程管理  *  Groundwater monitoring and management  地下水监测和管理  *  Water Management for Climate-Smart Agriculture  气候智慧农业水管理 


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Constructed Wetland - Small Watershed Management of Lake Apopka, Orange County, Florida, USA  | 美国佛罗里达州奥兰治县阿陂普卡湖人工湿地-小流域水管理

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St. Johns River Water Management District, State of Florida, USA  |  美国佛罗里达州圣约翰河水资源管理区

The Lake Apopka Marsh Flow-Way 阿波普卡湖沼泽流


Integrated Water and Groundwater Management with Climate Crisis, Flanders Region, Belgium  |  比利时法兰德斯地区,与气候危机共生的地表和地下水综合管理

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Flanders Environment Agency, Belgium  |  比利时法兰德斯


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flanders-map s.jpg

Organic Rice Cultivation with Modern 

and Traditional Farming Methods on the Chongming Island, Shanghai, China  |  中国上海市崇明岛,用智慧和传统农业的综合手段有机种植水稻

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Early taste, no chemical fertilizer, no chemical pesticides, Chongming "two no rice" is on the market today


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CM tourism副本.jpg

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