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[Projects, applications and studies                                                                           项目,应用,研究]​

Place Branding & Sustainable Tourism of City-Town-Village


Promotion & Platforms for Low-Carbon Products & Services


Micro-Area Redevelopment & Environmental Mitigation


Study Walks and Routes - Brussels City (Region), Belgium   2015-2016

As the capital city of EU and Belgium, Brussels has special meaning to be the stage of the "European Localities". GreenMagnets'Places can be discovered and linked-up, from the Brussels pedestrian zone, old parks to Art-Deco buildings and cultural locations. This could help the city management to promote urban gentrification and social cohesion, as well as improve transport management by feedbacks from "city users", learn trends of individual routing choices. - Initial studies were presented to Brussels Region/City authority and various stakeholders of the city.

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Environmental–Climate Education Applications


Coast, Waterfront and On-water

海滨  水岸  水上

A Testing Trip of the Nautical Geographics Route Europe, Ijsselmeer, Netherlands    08. 2016

Testing group: A youth activity group from northern Germany

Sailboat: Dy Abt Fan Starum, a refurbished traditional clipper sailboat from Stavoren, Friesland

Learning materials incl. the unique water and green environment at Ijsselmeer, local territorial knowledge, climate change knowledge, as well as Outdoor Climate Training from report “Sardinia Grows with Europe” by Sardegna CO2O, Sardinia Region. 

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GreenMagnets' Interface Tool Prototypes Communicating with EU Institutions   2015-present

绿磁界面工具样板  与欧盟机构沟通  2015-现在




Observation @ EU 

EU countries have very diverse territories and public governance structures. It is a challenge to spread EU sustainable policies to regions and local territories, bring them together, promote local green technologies and practices, share 

experiences with and among city-region partners and inform them on a real-time basis new projects.

Series Event Initiative: From Policy to Practice (started on 31st May 2017)


Knowledge@Terra Classrooms 地域知识环境课堂:

How would Climate Change Education work with local challenges / priorities? 


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