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GreenMagnets’Tools   绿磁界面工具



To join up visibilities and investment opportunity of cities and regions;

To boost public-private partnerships and actions (PPP), local place observations; 

To make local green knowledge visible and usable alongside policy programs and projects.

Pleasant Web-Reality Interfaces and Addable Programs

Linking GreenMagnets'Places and all places.

Main GM'Tools

The three main interface tools are: 

  •   GreenMagnets'Routes

  •   GreenMagnets'Place Watch

  •   GreenMagnets'Debates


Based on GreenMagnets'Places (GM'Places), so-called "Place Tools", tailored user interfaces with locations, routes and data programs, make narration, display and reporting of spatial occasions and functions to present or upgrade. 

The interfaces could possibly combined in these processes. They serve wide tailor-made uses ranging from political view sharing, investment promotions, practical city info to educational purposes and research dialogues.

For green tourism and place knowledge transfer with “Group Display of Nature-Heritage Places”, provide start of GreenMagnets' interactions in certain locations and feed the future open source;

For communication of area development plans and investment projects, rediscover and facilitate nature/culture values of vulnerable focus places for social cohesion, economic growth and sustainability;

Online-reality debative or informative displays for roundtable and stakeholder sessions to assist crucial awareness and decision making, with opinions on social, professional and political terms.

Different tools could be combined for interactive occasions and knowledge transfer with special challenges, such as sophisticated education and training programs, area promotions etc. 

Linking Places -- New Area of Data Communication

As "Place Tools", all GM'Tools have a mutual and essential part which collects geographic location, image recordings and brief text description (3 core features) of the GM'Places. Based this, tailored "data recollections", or called "Place Datasets", include locational and thematic policies, research and knowledge documents, as well as narrations of wider economic, social players and environmental data.

GreenMagnets'Tools open a new area of data communication, because they summarize and facilitate Place Data in physical real spaces alongside the overwhelming digital data. In its flexibly brief and widely understandable approach, 
Greater understanding and exploration of Place Data for reality communications are still lying ahead, as this trend still remains as sub-ordered in data application and technical fields, such as traffic information data application, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 

The different projects could be linked up through the use of brief, attractive and inclusive GreenMagnets'Tools. The Link-Up Approach helps the understanding and actions between policies and practices, interacting and multiplying opportunities and markets in LInked-Up Places plus beyond

Work and Business Models

With service business approaches targeting at pubic and private entities, as welll as users and consumers, 

GreenMagnets'Tools are highly adaptable re-selectors and re-collectors of fragmented data source landscapeThe great potentials of work and business models have to be explored with a basic care for interactive and collective transfer between places, create brief, smart, understandable interfaces and programs. 

Whole- and inter-sector Potentials

With Real-Place-Based Approach, special qualities such as visual, pleasant, multi-facet, brief, realtime, GreenMagnets'Tools can achieve inclusively understandable explanation for one or more sectors over technical components, process and potentials. The connection of reality and internet will bring people more to their reality environment with broader, happier views and healthier daily lives. 

Various online-web "place dataset" experiments could be alongside with development place-based technologies such as

  • Satellite recognitive and scientific use,

  • Live streaming for local / cross-boundary meetings and debates,

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality,

and beyond. 

Testing Phase

The detailed GreenMagnets' interface tools are starting with test applications in various areas and presently only visible to testing pilots and upon inquiry. If you are interested in these tools, please feel free to contact us at: using the starting title "GM Inquiry".  

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