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GreenMagnets’Tools   绿磁界面工具

GreenMagnets' Places (GM'Places)  are inspired by the oldest perception of mankind - 'The Place' or 'Genius Loci', as 

characteristic spatial micro environments surround us. To stimulate attraction and awareness from nearby and faraway, GM'Places have been missed as most direct media to communicate sustainable understanding and solutions between cities and rural areas anywhere in the world. Tensure exchange foundation, practical orientation and inclusive understanding, they form basis of the GreenMagnets'Tools, with 3 core features:

eco-effective (Green) 

attractive (Magnets)


(nature & human)

In real physical environments, green and grey economies co-exist, mediating understanding between people and different physical, social-economic environments. GM'Places are also Circular Micro Environments (CME) when green economies visibly grow. This is crucial to build up personal interests and co-benefits via GM'Places in any world regions.

GM'Places could be discovered and recorded by individuals and entities through real experiences, or recollected from the world's space networks and featured best practices.

It means that everyone - environmental professionals, politicians, policymakers, planners, student, researchers, practitioners or business people etc. - could be involved with their GreenMagnets'. Prioritizing personal experiences, the images of GM'Places might not be the best award-winning pictures, but have sufficient qualities to reflect unique roots, solutions and opportunities of related spatial and functional surrounding.

GreenMagnets'Tools are Exchange Interfaces about discovering solutions of eco-effective, attractive and healthy daily environments (Circular Micro Environments CME), supporting regional policies and programs for green-circular economy, climate actions, carbon neutrality finance. These accelerate various global green development mandates under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to co-create Sustainable Investments, Developments and Cooperations for Growth, Jobs and Prosperities. 
The data of GreenMagnets'Places are being discovered and collected by individuals and collective bodies. The rising collection will become open source in the future with collective and individual contributions -- GreenMagnets'Source

GreenMagnets'Places 240+ and Growing


Growing individual and institutions are providing GreenMagnets’ micro environments which they are familiar with, incl. those from Creative Commons. Nov. 2013 - Oct. 2016, GreenMagnets’ have found data of ca. 240 GreenMagnets’ micro environments in all continents with human habitats.Full of green, magnets and health, they include 20 countries, 59 cities/towns. 

Before a test site will be launched, part of the collection can be seen through social media: 

In the testing phase, part of the GreenMagnets' Place collection are for demonstration.

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