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Eco-innovation is

the development of products and processes that contribute to sustainable development, applying the commercial application of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecological improvements. This includes a range of related ideas, from environmentally friendly technological advances to socially acceptable innovative paths towards sustainability. -- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eco-innovation includes

Innovative products, processes and services aiming at reducing environmental impacts, preventing pollution or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources. -- European Commission

Key Eco-Innovation Processes through Natureherit Overall Design and GreenMagnets'Tools

1. Upscale open & public data use

combat fragmented information through peer learning and exchange of territorial solutions, clustering and assembling of "place datasets";

2. Boost sustainable investment, 

business and tourism exchanges

bridging policy-practice gaps 

of cities, towns, villages and their upper-level regions and nations; 

4. Vitalize and synergize green standards, eco labels, regulations

through their messages and data source towards greener and more inclusive and economic-viable exchanges; 


5. Public-private drivers for green 


Add-on themes and interfaces to interact consumption with greener trade, production, legislation and finance;

7. Integrating Public Space Watch

practical and up-to-date info (incl. traffic routing and safety awareness) for visitors and residents at key locations of the cities and rural areas.

8. Assist cities and regions in responsible spatial planning-design 

starting from sharing systems, green innovations in building up Circular Micro Environments (CMEs), co-create Environmental-Climate Education, Nature-Based Solutions etc. See also 2. 

6. Assist policy conferences / papers to reduce costs and carbon emission

increase interactions with related local places and sources through redirection of future GreenMagnets' open source;

9. Eventually as foundation of united nature-culture accounting and investment schemes 

to facilitate the union of various 

economic and governance drivers with environmental, social and cultural 

endeavors increasingly inclusive. 

3. Narrate SDGs to Connect Local Practices to Global Agendas Directly 

Facilitating universal understanding, awareness & education, adding up successful ways of Partnerships (17th SDG) of Local Green Actions - effective synergy path of all UN-SDGs. 

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