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 History of East and West happening in space, Venice, Watertown, the trades made history, narrations, co-creations and development of mankind. 

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[ GreenMagnets’Tools -- The Story ]

GreenMagnets' Tools are Interfaces & Programs 


to co-create Sustainable Investments, Developments and Cooperations for Growth, Jobs and Prosperities 

alongside green policies and programs. such as Climate Mandates and Actions, Circular Economy, SDGs etc.



Dipl.-Ing. Xiaoying Liu 

Email: xyliu@natureherit.comPhone: +31614741165 (NL) | +86 13816670457 (CN)


GreenMagnets' represent eco-effective, attractive and healing Reality Environments from Places around the globe. GreenMagnets'Tools contribute to the encounter of Global Policies and Local Society, Economies and People through the reality places with nature-culture roots. 

with wide understanding, especially the Places


Based on reality environments, GreenMagnets' interfaces as brief and agreeable "place datasets" to showcase places 

Thus  they embrace Local, Circular and Prosperous Places in the world.


For whom

awaken interests and actions of all related parties for living circulation and environments:

  • Public (international, national, regional and local authorities)

  • Private (enterprises, communities, individuals)

  • Green institutions (policy research, educational, research institutions, professional societies)

Natureherit Design & Consult BV 

Slaak 90, 3061CZ Rotterdam, The Netherlands / EU

Dipl.-Ing. Xiaoying Liu 


Phone: +31614741165 (NL) | +86 13816670457 (CN)

Select relevant GM'Places, plot information the place and project, inform and involve stakeholders with the following key and addable elements. to 

link up Places and Opportunities for Green Prosperities in urban and rural areas..

Initial Start

reason, increasingly separation of info

smart city versus places, qualities, sustainable economies and livelihood.

place values versus big plans, (photo at Haikou river estuary with plan and children)

first initiatives, Rotterdam... NL <> China, East-West culture.


Timeline of Development (test use and prototypes, interactions with NH activities)

2013 + 

territories <> GM Collections. 

Testing plots focus on groups of faraway vulnerable heritage areas of cities-towns as new local green economies. The GreenMagnets'Tools grow in and between global places and entities, smooth green policies.

city practice co-dialogues via interfaces, starting. Their endeavors are designed to build Genuine Partnerships

Based on Real Places, GreenMagnets'Tools is about discovering eco-effective, attraction and healthy daily environments (Circular Micro Environments CME),

Linking up Places, People & Prosperities.

3 main GreenMagnets'Tools

are the “Internet and Reality Watches” with 

tailor-made Interfaces and add-up programs to join up visibilities and investment opportunity of cities and regions.

To boost public-private partnerships, local place observations, narrations, green knowledge etc. will be made visible and re-usable alongside EU programs and projects.

Nature-Urban Spatial Planning-Design & Programming,

Green Economic / Communication Design & Knowledge Tools,

Investment Pre-Strategies

Embrace linking-up Local, Circular and Prosperous Places in the world. 

And Connect Climate Mandates / Actions, Circular Economies, SDGs etc... 

GreenMagnets’Tools -- Web-Reality Place Interface & Program Tools


Place Branding & Sustainable Tourism of City-Town-Village


Environmental–Climate Education Applications


Coast, Waterfront and On-water

海滨  水岸  水上

Promotion & Platforms for Low-Carbon Products & Services


Micro-Area Redevelopment & Environmental Mitigation


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