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NATUREHERIT Design & Consult B.V. The Netherlands / EU



Founded in 2013 in The Netherlands, NATUREHERIT pilots spatial planning, programming and communication services, as overall design formulas to revitalize Nature-Urban Integrating Developments, co-create spatial planning and communication. “Low-Carbon from the Roots” tells to tackle most vulnerable urban-rural environmental problems jointly, discover best areas and value chains for environmental-friendly investment.

Initiating Link-Up Places as reality learning, policy-practice connector and stakeholder communication, GreenMagnets'Tools (GM'Tools) are interfaces and programs of eco-effective, attractive and healthy Places. Prototypes and testing are underway. 

NATUREHERIT helps major and local decision makers for regions, cities, towns and villages, as well as existing communication programs to enable joint actions for local 

prosperities and places, increase efficient investment, participation and corporate social responsibility. For technical driving forces for green incentives, new tools and green economies assist related sectors, from service to production, to learn environmental-friendly approaches and interact low-carbonly between their locations. The emphasis lies in sustainable investment strategies, sustainable tourism, eco-water education and environmental recovery, coastal-water, regional and place branding development plans. 

NATUREHERIT dialogues with UN, European and Chinese policy instittutions, professional networks and platforms on green-circular economy instruments, eco innovation market and sustainable technologies. With partners of cross-boundary institutions and enterprises and practical-oriented experts, public / private clients could find fine-tuning spatial planning and consultancies in micro area planning, coastal and waterfront development, tourism and leisure development, integration refurbishment design of urban and landscape, ecological protection and recognition, out- and indoor leisure, renewal of agricultural and industrial areas.


Main Services & Consultancies:

  • Nature-Heritage Spatial Knowledge Design & Communication Tool Developments

  • Green Economic Planning, Design, Programming

  • Project and Investment Pre-Strategies

主要规划设计 & 策略咨询服务 :


GreenMagnets’Tools -- Web-Reality Place Interface & Program Tools


Place Branding & Sustainable Tourism of City-Town-Village


Environmental–Climate Education Applications


Coast, Waterfront and On-water

海滨  水岸  水上

Promotion & Platforms for Low-Carbon Products & Services


Micro-Area Redevelopment & Environmental Mitigation







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