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Main Services & Consultancies:

  • Nature-Urban Spatial Planning-Design & Programming

  • Green Economic / Communication Design & Knowledge Tools

  • Project Investment Pre-Strategies

主要规划设计 & 策略咨询服务 :

自然-城市空间规划设计和策划,绿色经济/知识交流设计和工具  Ÿ 项目投资前期策略

GreenMagnets’Tools -- Web-Reality Place Interface & Program Tools


Place Branding & Sustainable Tourism of City-Town-Village


Environmental–Climate Education Applications


Coast, Waterfront and On-water

海滨  水岸  水上

Promotion & Platforms for Low-Carbon Products & Services


Micro-Area Redevelopment & Environmental Mitigation


Dipl.-Ing. Xiaoying Liu 


Phone: +31614741165 (NL) |

+86 13816670457 (CN)

Natureherit Design & Consult BV 

Slaak 90, 3061CZ Rotterdam, The Netherlands / EU

[Applications and studies]​   应用,研究

Series Event Initiative: From Policy to Localities (upcoming)


GreenMagnets’ interface prototypes @ EU institution  2016 

have been developed for an initiated communication platform for sharing visibilities of city-regional partners at a European institution (EU Committee of Regions). The brief and multi-facet prototypes prove great potentials to bring EU programs and policies to local governments, societies and potential investments with an innovative operational model.

various stakeholders of the city.

For complex governance and sector actions, such as climate change actions and sectoral technical upscaling such as Eco Construction, the biggest challenge is in effective communication happen both in central and locals. 

Use GM'Tools, a mix of Routes, Place Watch and Debates, to stimulate local solutions and technologies. 

Gaps of climate programs

Bridge gaps of public and professional sectors

3 main GreenMagnets'Tools


To join up visibilities and investment opportunity of cities and regions;

To boost public-private partnerships and actions (PPP), local place observations; 

To make local green knowledge visible and usable alongside policy programs and projects.

Pleasant Web-Reality Interfaces and Addable Programs

Linking GreenMagnets'Places and all places.



liens enchaîner

lugares enlace

posti collegare

orte verknüpfen

plaatsen verbinden


Embrace Local, Circular and                          Prosperous Places in the world...

Medemblik (Netherlands)



liens enchaîner

lugares enlace

posti collegare

orte verknüpfen

plaatsen verbinden


Medemblik (Netherlands)

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