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Open Days of European Cities & Regions

For the second time, NATUREHERIT joined the yearly European Week of Regions and Cities in European capital Brussels. There are more than 100 seminars and hearings in 4 days. There is a dedicated website and App, but it is simply impossible to follow all the data and practices.

The most interesting workshop and encounter was the last seminar organized by a trans-border association for territory-based energy systems on the last day. Briefing and discussion were about how small-scaled green energy projects to become a regional reality.

A walk through European Parliament square was recorded as well, with an eye-attraction of interactive lighting sculpture show. How to transfer the communication messages and best practices from the European policy platforms, seminars and meetings to wider professional public and broadcast to many other European places

The GreenMagnets'Tools have been designed and consulted with several EU institutions to explore workable answers of this question. First prototypes have been developed to investigate the possibility of a platform for European cities and regions involving the diverse green-climate action programs and city platforms.

Public Hearing at the EU Committee of Regions
Berlaymont Building

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