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Natureherit initiates Green Sessions: “From Policy to Practice”

(updated on 25th April 2017)

In 2017, and before the autumn of the COP23, reality gaps are increasing at ground level between climate policy mandates and beneficial implementation for all. How can information on global climate realities and actions, urban and rural development, eco services and heritage protection close these gaps?

Green Sessions are launched as pragmatic, open dialogues to discuss gaps and synergies between Policy and Practice and to empower workable solutions into policy making and daily lives. European green policies and practices on city-regional level enable outstanding living economies, giving light to comprehensive strategies and answers leading to effective increase of green jobs, business growth and local prosperity. Happening everyday in places, cities, regions, many of them remain untold to the global community and their counterparts. More importantly, which workable solutions and stories do their regional and external counterparts in the world might have to tell?

Focussing on reality cases as intermediates between Policy and Practice, with multi-actors from UN officials to representatives of cities, businesses and communities, these Green Sessions will accelerate understanding on "climate-green-circular", capture workable approaches and solutions, help to catalyze global green growth actions at various levels with Sustainable Development Goals.

China and EU represent huge diversity of nature-culture heritages, spatial-economic capacities and social-demographic patterns, exert major influences to the developed and developing world. At the moment, EU and China are in intensive talks regarding cooperation and actions on climate policies and synergetic approaches to generate global climate impacts and green growth. Their essential roles on global green-circular economy and the undertaking of urgent actions on climate change will be the focus of the first Green Session, taking place on 31st May 2017 in Brussels.

The key speakers and panelists of the session will include Mr. Ulf Björnholm, the Head of UN Environment Brussels Office, who will speak about the latest green policy and action trends at UN level. Representative of European Commission, Directorate General Climate Action (DG Clima) and Directorate General Environment (DG Environment), other high level representatives from EU and Chinese green-circular economy policies, city cases and businesses. Actual progress of PAGE-China and some EU-China's inter-regional and city cooperation cases will be presented as integrated climate, green and circular actions, to show what happens on urban and rural locations and how the projects help local environments to thrive with longlasting livabilities, growth and employment.

As the Green Sessions are initiated by independent eco innovators and societal observers, the Session will not only talk about policies and already well known showcases, but also listen to less known policy and practice stories from regions, cities, villages, places, businesses and people.

After the discussions, a brief and visual online Green Session Report will collect the related info and dialogue results to achieve good understanding, add to and join up existing daily programs (such as promotions, education, eco and heritage walk routes and tourist programs).

The first Inter-Regional Green Session is an official Partner Event of the EU Green Week this year (29 May - 2 June, Brussels) which highlights the theme for all: Green Growth & Jobs. Please stay tuned!

Contact: +31614741165

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