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Inaugurative Web Event of Testing Knowledge@Terra Classrooms - First Study Result on the World Soil

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019 世界土壤日,恭祝圣诞和新年快乐!

A Virtual Knowledge Tour over Land-Soil Systems at World Soil Day. [Starting: 04-16.12.2018]

Inaugurative Web Event for Better Protection and More Beautiful Territories around the World

Online Media Promotion & Offline Communication 媒体推广与线下交流的启动活动在世界土壤日期间的一次关于土地和土壤系统的视觉知识之旅。[启动:2018.12.04-16]

Content / Visual Design 内容/视觉设计:NATUREHERIT 自然颖源

Info Source 信息参考:UN-FAO Soil Education Materials 联合国粮农组织土壤教育材料

Online exhibit design of images, videos and key text, combining FAO materiials and Knowledge@Terra Approach on main webpage, communicate with local institutions for World Soil Day, soil and territorial education, introducing the testing and approach of Knowledge@Terra Classrooms. 图像、视频和关键文字的在线展示设计,结合粮农组织的材料,与地方机构进行世界土壤日和关于土壤和地域教育的宣传,以及地域知识课的测试和路径介绍。

About Soil, SDGs and World Soil Day 关于土壤,可持续发展目标,世界土壤日

Soil is a much more complex growing habitat that remains productive only when it is cared for and nurtured. Combating and addressing soil pollution means assessing and minimizing the risks for food security, human health and the environment. Global activities need to be launched and implemented in order to reduce soil pollution and remediate polluted sites. Be the Solution, to Soil Pollution! Special Role of Soils for SDGs Soil is an essential element of Knowledge @ Terra Classrooms, because of its essential role across global regions for urban-rural development and human-fauna-flora health, related to 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Global Soil and Landscape Typology Map shows, that Differences & Similarities of Global Soils can connect different territorial actions. Since 2014, every 5th December is World Soil Day Land, soil and water are most essential resources of the planet earth. In the winter days around the World Soil Day, the lesser-known soil resource gets key attention, combining integral environmental recognition and technical solutions for urban-rural development, food safety, agricultural practices and other key environmental issues. Guided by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO) and Global Soil Partnership (GSP), World Soil Day 2018 focuses on “Be the Solution to Soil Pollution”.

土壤对于可持续发展目标的特殊角色土壤是一个及其复杂的生长栖息地,只有在受到照顾和培育时才能保持生产力。打击和解决土壤污染意味着评估和降低粮食安全、人类健康和生态环境的风险。需要启动和实施全球活动,以减少土壤污染和修复污染场地。请致力于土壤污染的解决方案! ​-- UN-FAO 联合国粮农组织 土壤是地域知识课堂的基本要素之一,它对于世界各地区的城乡发展和人类--动植物健康至关重要,相关17个联合国2030可持续发展目标。全球土壤和空间景观类型图显示出,土壤的差异性和类同性可连接不同地域的行动。自2014年以来,每年12月5日是世界土壤日土地、土壤和水是最基本的地球资源。在世界土壤日的冬日里,少为人知的土壤资源得到重点关注,结合城乡发展、食品安全和工农业实践、管理和修复的环境综合认知和技术解决方案等关键点。由联合国粮农组织和全球土壤伙伴关系主持,2018年世界土壤日主题聚焦“土壤污染的解决方案”。


Through the Testing of Knowledge@Terra Classrcard as a World Soil Day event, NATUREHERIT looks forward to working with you for better protection and more beautiful territories in your neighborhood and the world!

NATUREHERIT wish you Merry Christmas!

Meet some happy and creative minds around the world, who have built Christmas Trees with recycled parts and materials!


(Thank image source and its original collectors: Trashmagination -

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