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Sardinia, A Natural Region and Oasis of Heritages

To explore the many potentials in international knowledge tourism on climate, environment and heritage, Natureherit has started a longterm study on discovering ways to upscale the water-related experience green economies since 2015 in EU and Chinese water-rich regions, discovering GreenMagnets' Places and their possible inter-connections. Through water trips in the the traditional boating regions, communication with the European boating and marina sector, Natureherit started to know various boating professionals - "the blue territorial warriors".

As part of these studies and consequent program design, some testing routes of Nautical Geographic Routes Europe will be shown on the upcoming China International Boatshow. With more following details later on, it calls on attention from European and Asian youth incl. water sport lovers, in interaction with other generations. The routes are also an Inter-Regional Approach which will include selected places and routes (presently in Italy and The Netherlands).

Creative Commons, Wikipedia

Sardinia Island in the Mediterranean is one of the well preserved, authentic natural regions in the world, which enjoy a high level of livability while differentiate from the quickly urbanizing world. An oldest nautical region in Europe, it kept original natural and culture beauty intact thank to the European and regional development frameworks and the value position of local people.

With development based on local nature and communities from the 60's, Costa Smeralda is an exclusive coast area for its luxury superyacht hideaways, which are totally imbedded in the wonderful coastal nature. In Olbia Region, it is the most expensive location in Europe with land price (Wikipedia).

The beautiful and exclusive beach area is an excellent lesson for global investors about how to protect nature by profitable development and give the locals capacities to upgrade and reinvent itself.

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